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30 Day Mom Challenge – Be a Happier Mom

You know that feeling of defeat, right? Especially when it comes from the tiny voices calling you "Mom." Some days are just tough. Patience evaporates, and you find yourself questioning your mothering abilities. If this sounds like your daily struggle, then buckle up because the mom challenge I'm about to share is tailor-made for you! Let me assure you, you're not alone in this rollercoaster ride called parenting. We all go through it because, let's face it, being a mom is the most demanding yet rewarding gig out there. But hey, guess what? It's about to get a whole lot better!

Engaging in this 30-Day Mom Challenge isn't just about becoming a better mom; it's about fostering healthier, happier connections with both your children and yourself.

For the first day, put your main focus on tackling the initial challenge. As each new day unfolds, take on the latest challenge while revisiting and building upon the ones that came before. Embrace the journey!

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30 Day Mom Challenge – 30 Challenges

1.Before You Let Those Frustrations Out In A Yell, Hit Pause And Take A Deep Breath.

 We all have those moments when patience wears thin. But in that breath, remember this phase won't last forever. Sometimes, just that momentary pause is all it takes to recalibrate your response. The more you practice this pause, the smoother it gets. Soon enough, it becomes almost instinctive.

2. Welcome your kids each morning with warmth.

As they rise, greet them with a kind "good rising!" or "how did you sleep?" or "I love you." Set the tone for their day with love and care. It's amazing how a positive start can shape their entire day. And trust me, yours will run much smoother too!

3. Ending Their Day on a High Note.

Before bedtime, connect with your kids. Look them in the eyes, express your love, and appreciate their efforts throughout the day. Even if it was tough, acknowledge their efforts. Wish them sweet dreams for a fresh start tomorrow filled with joy and laughter!

4. Nurture Individual Bonds: Engage in One-on-One Time with Each Child.

Take some time out for a special activity with each of your children. Whether it's reading a book, cooking together, playing a game, or simply cuddling up for a movie, these moments strengthen the unique connection between you and your child. Every kid craves that special "mommy and me" time. Additionally, consider asking them fun "would you rather" questions for kids to spark interesting conversations and deepen your understanding of each other.

5. Show Gratitude for Good Deeds - Highlight Their Positive Actions.

Express genuine appreciation for every act of kindness or cooperation. When they follow your instructions or lend a helping hand, acknowledge their effort with enthusiasm. Say, "Thank you for listening!" or "You're such a great helper!" Reinforce their positive behavior by letting them know how proud you are of them. Regularly affirming their actions and offering praise encourages them to continue their good behavior.

6. Limit Screen Time for Both You and Your Kids.

Resist the temptation to constantly check your phone. Set a strict time limit—maybe just 5 or 10 minutes—and then focus on spending quality time with your children. Be mindful of the example you set; if you want them to spend less time on screens, lead by example. Challenge yourself to minimize screen time whenever possible. While technology has its benefits, excessive screen time can adversely affect children's behavior and development.

7. Engage Them in Helpful Tasks and Celebrate Their Contributions.

Whether it's something as simple as picking up toys or pressing a button, involve your children in age-appropriate tasks around the house. Express genuine appreciation for their efforts, no matter how small. By praising their helpfulness, you reinforce positive behavior and encourage them to continue being kind and cooperative.

8. Practice Active Listening.

When your children want to share something with you, give them your full attention. Stop what you're doing, make eye contact, and genuinely listen to their stories and questions. Encourage their curiosity by answering each query, even if you don't have all the answers. Instead, suggest exploring the answers together, fostering a spirit of learning and discovery.

9. Guiding Behavior: Proper Discipline Techniques.

When your child is upset, it's important to address the situation calmly and appropriately. Take them to a quiet place where they can calm down before discussing the issue. Once they're composed, engage in a constructive conversation. Ensure they understand why their behavior was inappropriate and what you expect from them next time.

The crucial step is to have them repeat back your instructions. This ensures they comprehend and internalize your message. Consistency is key; reinforce the same message consistently until it becomes ingrained in their behavior.

For instance, I remind my daughter of our rule: "No matter how upset you are, you must never hurt people or break things." She's memorized it, demonstrating the effectiveness of repetition. I emphasize that this rule applies to adults too; we must all manage our emotions responsibly.

Avoid resorting to physical punishment like spanking, as it contradicts the lesson you're trying to impart. Children learn more from our actions than our words, so modeling appropriate behavior is essential for their development.

10. Soften Your Approach: Alternatives to 'No'.

If behavior needs correcting, encourage them to 'try again, make a better choice.' When they ask for something out of reach, respond with 'not today, perhaps another time.' Offer alternative activities to redirect their focus. Constantly hearing 'no' can be disheartening for both child and parent. Instead, try redirecting with a positive spin: 'Sorry, not today, but how about we do this instead?'

11. Embrace Gratitude in Everyday Moments.

Whether it's a peaceful playtime, a restful nap, or a heartwarming gesture, take a moment to appreciate the positives. On tough days, remember the gift of motherhood, cherished by many who long for it. Even amidst challenges, cultivate gratitude for the little joys. In the smallest gestures lies the power to shift perspectives.

12. Cultivate Curiosity: Explore New Skills Together!

From holding doors to mastering new words, celebrate each milestone with encouragement. Personally, I've found teaching my daughter sign language invaluable; it fosters smoother communication and less frustration. Consistency is key; reinforce their skills daily to ensure lasting progress. Explore resources like articles on teaching sign language to babies for further insights.

13. Embrace Routine: Establish Consistency in Daily Routines.

Strive for Consistency: Maintain a Routine Whenever Possible I understand that sticking to a schedule can be challenging, but on the days when it's feasible, make the effort. Consistency is vital for children, whether it's reading a book before bedtime each night or giving them a kiss in the morning. Numerous studies highlight the significance of routines for kids, underscoring their importance.

14. Connect with Your Children on Their Level.

Your child should feel validated in their emotions, regardless of what they may be feeling. It's beneficial to share with them that you experience similar emotions at times too.

When your children are unwell or facing emotional challenges, exercise extra patience. It can be disheartening when you're doing everything you can, yet they remain unhappy. Imagine the frustration of feeling unwell and multiply it by your child's confusion about their own emotions and limitations in understanding. Offer them grace; they're bewildered and frustrated too. Shower them with love and understanding through their struggles.

15. Dedicate Quality Time to Polish Their Manners.

It's tempting to yield when they're whining or demanding treats. Instead, gently prompt them to 'ask again using your manners.' By instilling the importance of manners, you can curb future frustrations. Picture a scenario where your child politely requests something during a conversation with another adult; it's a calming sight. Manners matter greatly. Invest additional effort into teaching them the nuances of when to utilize their manners.

16. Make Sleep a Priority for Your Children

Tired and cranky kiddos can turn any day into a marathon. Ensure they get enough shut-eye at night and a decent nap during the day. Trust me, the difference an extra hour of sleep makes is like magic—no more running you ragged!

17. Carve Out Some 'Me Time' Daily

Whether it's a full hour or just a few precious minutes, indulge in something sans kiddos. A leisurely drive, a pampering pedicure, or even a solo shower can work wonders. Since I've made this a habit, I've noticed a remarkable difference in my patience and overall happiness as a mom. Need ideas? Check out my 30 Days of Self-Love: Transforming Your Life Challenge.

18. Kick Off a Fresh Tradition!

Create a daily ritual that brings joy, whether it's reading a bedtime story or setting the table together. Find something they eagerly look forward to each day. Encourage them to share ideas or their favorite activities with you!

19. Foster Creativity in Your Kids.

Encourage them to explore their artistic side through coloring, crafting, or baking. Celebrate their creations by displaying them proudly and praising their efforts. Boost their confidence and inspire them to challenge themselves!

20. Foster Exploration and Growth!

Encourage your kids to try new things, celebrating their successes and supporting their efforts. Let them experiment and learn from their experiences. By embracing challenges and celebrating achievements, they'll build resilience, self-esteem, and confidence!

21. Stay Active Together Daily.

Whether it's a stroll in the neighborhood, a trip to the park, or a fun game indoors, prioritize daily physical activity with your kids. Even on low-energy days, engaging in light activities keeps them happy and balanced. The great outdoors offers a refreshing boost for everyone's well-being!

22. Instill Integrity Early!

Teach your children the value of integrity – doing what's right, even when no one's looking. Reward acts of goodness and honesty, reinforcing this vital virtue. Start early, and watch them grow into individuals of strong character and integrity!

23. Stay Strong Through Tough Moments.

It's tempting to give in when faced with a tantrum or persistent demands. However, resisting these urges is crucial. Instead of giving in, encourage positive behavior by setting expectations and offering opportunities for them to earn what they desire. Consistency teaches valuable lessons about patience and perseverance.

24. Demonstrate Respect for Their Father.

Whether you're together or not, it's essential to model respect for their father. Display affection, express gratitude, and acknowledge his positive traits. Remember, you and their father set the example of a healthy relationship. Even in separate households, avoid speaking negatively about him in front of the kids. Focus on the positives to minimize the impact of any challenges.

25. Communicate with Them Respectfully.

When addressing their behavior, offer clear explanations of what went wrong and why it's important to avoid such actions. Speak to them as equals, using polite language and asking questions rather than issuing commands. Treat them with respect, recognizing that nobody enjoys feeling patronized or diminished, regardless of age.

26. Practice Apologizing, Both to Them and in Their Presence.

If you raise your voice or accidentally bump into them, offer a sincere apology. Demonstrate the importance of apologizing by doing so in front of them, such as when you accidentally bump into someone at the store. Additionally, if they harm a sibling or another child, apologize on their behalf. Express regret to the child who was affected and encourage your child to apologize as well.

Children learn from observing our actions, both positive and negative, so it's crucial to model vulnerability and honesty in their presence.

27. Express Gratitude, Both to Them and in Their Presence.

Show appreciation whenever your child does something positive or completes a task you assigned. Additionally, demonstrate gratitude to others in front of them, teaching them when and how to express thanks appropriately.

As adults, we play a crucial role in setting examples for our children, guiding them through our actions.

28. Provide Necessities Over Desires.

Children require essentials like food, water, and shelter, not just the latest gadgets or toys. While fulfilling their needs is vital, indulging their every want isn't always necessary. Instead, instill the value of earning through work and responsibility.

Implementing a reward system, such as a chore chart, can teach them the importance of accountability and saving towards their goals.

Here is a Reward Chart I created...

29. Instill Selfless Giving.

Guide them in community service or simple acts of kindness. Teach them the joy of giving without expecting anything in return.

Emphasize that true fulfillment comes from helping others, whether or not recognition follows. In a society often focused on taking, teaching our children the value of generosity is invaluable.

30. Lead by Example.

To shape your children into caring, responsible, and appreciative adults, be their guiding light. When faced with tough choices, consider the example you want to set for them.

Be the hero they look up to, teaching them valuable lessons through your actions and choices. Show them the way by being the person you hope they'll become.

Excited to take on the 30 Day Mom Challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Don't forget to spread the word and challenge other moms to join in!

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