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Fall Photo Challenge – 30 Fall Photography Ideas for an Instagram Autumn Makeover!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

October 5, 2023 - Written By: The Cozy Butterfly

Autumn is in the air, and it's that time of year when the entire world goes wild for everything cozy, crisp, pumpkin-spiced, and adorned in shades of orange! As soon as that refreshing, crisp breeze touches our skin, we can't help but rush to Pinterest and Instagram, seeking that perfect dose of fall inspiration. Now, let's transform your Instagram into the ultimate haven of fall vibes with our Fall Photo Challenge! We've curated 30 fantastic fall photography ideas that will have your followers hitting the like button non-stop for days on end! 🍂📸

Quick Reference Sheet for the Fall Photo Challenge: Pin It! 📌🍁

Capture the moment and share the inspiration! Pin this image to your cherished Pinterest board or weave it into your Instagram stories to keep the creativity flowing and share the autumn vibes with your dear friends! 📸🍁🌟

Just a friendly heads-up, lovely readers! I've sprinkled some affiliate links in this post. Using them won't cost you a penny extra, but it might just earn me a small commission for your post-click purchases. Your support means the world to my little blog – thank you for being awesome!😊🛍️💖

30 Fall-tastic Photo Ideas for an Insta-tastic Autumn Vibe!

In the list below, you'll find each photo idea paired with a matching Instagram photo to spark your creativity and inspire your own unique fall snapshots. Keep scrolling to explore all these fantastic photo ideas! (The Instagram photos you will see are not my photos, I will give credits to all photos that I showcase!)

1. Top Pick for Autumn Sips 🍂 Fav Fall Drinks! Who else is on board the pumpkin spice train? Choo-choo!

2. Behind an Autumn leaf🍁

From grand to small, fall captures it all – perfect leaves for your 'gram, y'all!

3. Pumpkin Patch 🎃

Embrace the pumpkin patch, strike a pose without a catch, amid the gourds, make a match, your Instagram's pumpkin dispatch!

4. Sit In The Leaves🍂 Gather leaves, make a pile, jump high, and do it in style for a perfect fall pic that's worthwhile!

5. Fav Fall Movie set up🎥🍿

We all know a fall classic's a must, so cozy up, invite friends you trust, Instagram-worthy moments, a treat that's just!

6. Pie shot!🥧

Apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie, oh my! Can't deny, this screams 'fall,' oh so spry!

7. Fall Polaroid Collage📸

Snapshots of snapshots, whoa... Another chance to flaunt that fall manicure, don't you know?

Some popular Polaroid Cameras from Amazon:

8. Fall Candles

The scents of fall, an eternal love affair! It's Bath and Body Works time to stock up, I declare!

Some popular Fall Candles from Amazon:

9. Cozy Socks🧦

It's not just sweater weather, it's sock weather, so put on those cozy pairs and let's see you together!

Some popular Cozy Fall Socks from Amazon:

10. Carving Pumpkins 🎃🔪

Who's up for some pumpkin fun? Slice it, roast those seeds, and let's carve a lantern in the setting sun!

Some Pumpkin Carving Must-Haves from Amazon:

11. Your Fall Decor🍂

All in orange, red, and cozy, everything feeling warm and rosy!

My Pins on the Must-Have Fall Decor you need:

12. A Flannel Outfit 🧥

Red or orange flannel, for that fall photo panel!

Some Beautiful Flannels from Amazon:

13. Craft Store Fall Decor 🍁

Snap your cherished fall decor, from the Hobby Lobby store, Since you're already here, capture it and share for more!

14. A good book📙

As the cozy weather arrives, the bookworm spirit thrives, Rediscover Harry Potter or Twilight's tales, for the hundredth time!

Some Fall Inspired Books From Amazon:

15. Flat lay Fall OOTD 👚👢

To make it official, don a cozy knit and boots with a fit!

16. Fall Squad 👩🏽👩🏽‍🦱👩🏻👩🏼

In the leaves, with the breeze, on a hayride, with your pride, Gather your squad, autumn's charm, for a fall shot so wide!

17. Fav Fall Mug ☕

It need not be autumn-themed, but with pumpkin spice on the scene, Grab your mugs, embrace the warmth, cozy drinks, oh so keen! Bonus points if it's fall-inspired, in the sip of every dream!

My Pins on Must-Have Fall Coffee Mugs: The Hocus Pocus Coffee Mug is my design!

18. Bonfire and S’mores 🔥

Wrap in blankets snug and tight, let marshmallows take flight, Share spooky tales 'round the firelight, in the chill of the Autumn night.

Some Nice Bonfire Pits for outdoor activities:

19. Wide Brim Hat & Sweater outfit 👒🧥

It's time to flaunt those fall clothes, in each pose, strike a pose, This outfit's a winner, everyone knows, from head to toes!

20. Your Sweater Collection 🧥

We've stocked up all year, now it's time to show, Fall vibes and sweaters, let your style flow!

My Pins on Must-Have Sweaters for Fall:

21. In a Beanie!

Is it even fall, without a beanie in the mix? Wear it weekly, for that cozy fall fix!

Some Gorgeous Beanies from Amazon:

22. Orange Sweater 🧡

Fall essentials checklist, don't forget to mark, Beanie, Boots, and that orange sweater—make your autumn spark!

Check out some Orange Fall Sweaters from my past posts:

23. Road Shot 🛣️

Sit, stand, jump, or run, don't you stall, Capture the foliage backdrop, autumn's grand curtain call!

24. Football Game 🏈

It's the season for tailgating, school pride, and game day thrill, Football time, let's cheer and chill, the excitement we can't distill!

25. In a Corn Maze 🌽

Corn maze time, a thrilling chase, through twists and turns we roam, Haunted bonus, spooky grace, a thrill to guide us home!

26. Aerial Fall Outfit 🍁

On the doormat, in crispy leaves, from a bird's view, strike a pose, Fall attire, what's up your sleeves, capture the style that glows!

Check out some Fall Outfits from my past posts:

27. Fav Fall Dessert 🍪

Favorite autumn treat, pumpkin rolls so sweet, a fall delight, that can't be beat!

28. Boots 🥾

Fall footwear in style, short, tall, and versatile! Snap a pic to beguile!

Check out some Fall Shoes from my past posts:

29. Apple Picking 🍎🐛

When apples turn ripe and picking's in sight, it's the sweetest part of the fall, just right!

30. The Foliage 🍁🍂

Crunchy leaves underfoot, pumpkins in a row, Ominous skies above, where autumn winds blow.

To keep this post in sight, pin it with delight, On your Pinterest board, it's a helpful site!

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